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Think of a wonderful thing, it's the same as having wings.

#TBT with my little sister @kellynelson23 and my Dad. I was super pissed they wouldn’t let me wear a hoop skirt LOL 😂😂 I’ve got the angry face down pretty well though. I love this picture so much! Throwing it back to when we were throwing it wayyy back!

😳😁😳😁 Last night I hit my first handstand transition!!! I’m really so proud of myself because I have worked so hard to find the balance to do this and I finally did! Lol- excuse the censorship, this is what I get for doing my inversions in a t-shirt 😂😂 And yes, that’s Bob’s Burgers playing in the background haha. Thank you to everyone who has helped guide me and given me awesome yogi advice! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I’m soooo psyched!

Not only is my new neighbor downstairs totally AWESOME, but she does hair as well! 😍 I don’t think life could get much better haha. @lcrowl 😘😘

Haha stole this from @missym423 in honor of my first #anatomy exam this morning. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it haha.

When you crack and nail and you aren’t ready to cut it yet (either because it will hurt or you just don’t want to), use a little piece of a tea bag to fix it. Just attach it with clear nail polish and once it dries some, just paint over it! Voilà, fixed!

Another favorite from Camp Barefoot 😍😍😍 My dancey jam princess! Love you @klong69 💕 photo credit: @kitana_owleyesonyou 😘

One of my favorite photos captured from Barefoot 😍 Love you two ladies with all my heart! Us in our natural state. Photo cred: @kitana_owleyesonyou - thank you!!!